St. Luke’s Hillside Clinic

Address 220 North 6th Avenue East   Duluth, MN 55805
Contact 218-249-7000

St. Luke’s Mental Health Clinic provides professional counseling and support in individual and group therapy settings.

At St. Luke’s Outpatient Mental Health, our focus is you. Our caring mental health professionals provide evaluation, therapy and other types of treatment for children, adolescents and adults. Our programs are designed to help patients evaluate the root causes of distress in their lives and form plans to resolve these problems. Our goal is to help people reach optimal mental health.

There are many options for counseling. Please call St. Luke’s Pediatric Associates to talk with a care coordinator about additional options. (218) 249-7870

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Crisis Services

If you or others should be in a life threatening situation or need immediate help, call 911 or use your local emergency phone number.

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