Why was the Northland Children’s Mental Health Collaborative formed?

At the initiative of Woodland Hills in 2012, mental health providers from across the region began a collaborative effort that has grown into the Northland Children’s Mental Health Collaborative. The initial purpose of the group was to strengthen the continuum of care in our community by engaging community mental health providers to learn about each other’s services, share resources, identify trends and gaps in community services, and further professional development through training. The NCMHC now consists of providers from over 30 agencies.

How does NCMHC benefit your organization?

Active participation by individual professionals and provider agencies facilitates a vibrant community of professionals working together to better meet the needs of the community; provides professional support, information and resources; and highlights the various mental health services and resources available in our community. Participation demonstrates to the community your organization’s commitment to enhance collaborations between mental health professionals and provide support to your staff involved in this important work. We hope you will join our partnership to improve services in the region.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northland Children’s Mental Health Collaborative is to foster collaboration between providers of children’s mental health services and community stakeholders. We strive to meet our community’s need by providing a full range of services and being a resource for children and their families. We will work together to ensure best practice, knowledge and expertise with all providers in our community.

Join these current NCMHC members:

Accend Services, AICHO, Amberwing, Arrowhead Psychological Clinic, Cambia Hills, CASDA, College of St. Scholastica, Duluth Institute, Duluth Psychological Clinic, Duluth Public Schools, Early Childhood Mental Health Resource Team, Essentia Health-Duluth, First Witness, Fond du Lac Behavioral Health and Social Services Department, Harbor City Psychological Associates, Heartland Kids and PCA Services, Human Development Center, Katrina Tobey, Kindred Family Focus, Life House, Lutheran Social Services, Michele Gordon, NAMI, North Homes Children and Family Services, Northwood Children’s Services, Nystrom and Associates, PAVSA, Range Mental Health Center, Sexual Assault Program of Northern St. Louis County, St. Louis Co. Public Health and Human Services, St. Luke’s Hillside Clinic and Mental Health Services, Woodland Hills.

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